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Bone Fracture Lawyer Philadelphia

There are a lot of different ways to break the 200+ bones in our bodies. We’ll discuss the cause of broken bones later in this article. A broken bone (fracture) occurs when excessive force causes the bone to break, or, even worse, shatter. While some fractures completely break the bone, others just crack it.

  • Bone Fracture Lawyer Philadelphia 1When the bone actually breaks thru and punctures the skin, it’s called an open or compound fracture.
  • Especially painful, a spiral fracture occurs when the break literally “spirals around the bone,” and a compression fracture occurs when your vertebrae get pushed together.
  • Transverse fractures refer to breaks in the shorter part of your bone, frequently side-to-side rather than along the length of your bones.
  • Avulsion fractures refer to breaks that cause ligaments and/or tendons to separate from the bone.
  • And the list continues.

If you or a family member has recently broken a bone or multiple bones due to the negligence of others, the Philadelphia-based bone fracture lawyers at Brotherly Law can help you determine if your injuries substantiate filing a claim. Then they can help you negotiate the best settlement possible from the insurance company of the person responsible for your broken bone(s). If you’ve broken a large bone in your leg or arm, you should’ve already visited a doctor or emergency room and have gotten a medical report. If you’re suffering from back or neck pain that isn’t going away, you could have a fracture you don’t even know about; visit a healthcare provider immediately and be sure to save your diagnosis, test results, X-rays, etc.

Causes of Broken Bones and Fractures

Let’s face it, a large proportion of broken bones occur when we’re multi-tasking, playing sports, ignoring warning signs of slippery surfaces, etc. However, other cases are the result of premises liability on the part of property owners, falls caused by negligence on the part of your landlord, auto, truck or motorcycle collisions and, in some cases, acts of violence – from being pushed or shoved by an angry customer to child abuse.

Broken bones are especially common in older adults and many instances are the result of essentially unavoidable accidents due to diminished strength, vision and balance, or traceable to weakened bones dues to osteoporosis and other physical causes. However, many older bones are broken by injuries due to negligence or even abuse in nursing homes and other senior facilities.

Broken bones also are common among children, many of whom injure themselves while running, playing or simply falling down. A Norwegian study found that the wrist (distal radius) was he most common fracture, followed by fingers and toes.

Long-term Impact of Broken Bone Injuries

Bone Fracture Lawyer Philadelphia 2Almost no two bone fracture injuries are the same. Some victims recover in a few weeks and return to work.

Others continue to suffer pain, stiffness, dull aches, throbbing and serious loss of mobility for years to come, leaving unable to work or function at the same level as before, especially in cases involving multiple broken bones and/or those that require extensive surgery involving painful rods, metal plates, screws and pins.

For healthy adults, even with the best treatment, fractured bones generally take about six weeks to heal. Even after this initial stage of healing is complete, there can be a loss of muscle tone/coordination or bone density that requires exercise and even extensive physical therapy. And for cases involving multiple broken bones, or complications, the recovery process can take even longer, sometimes months or years.

If you or a family member is coping with the result of a broken bone suffered in a car, truck or motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault, a workplace incident resulting from your employer’s negligence, a fall in your apartment complex, a shopping mall or city building because of unmarked, unsafe conditions, or any number of devastating accidents caused by the actions or negligence of others, the Philadelphia bone fracture lawyers of Brotherly Law may be able to help you receive the compensation your deserve for your injuries and suffering. Your initial consultation is free and we take most cases on a full contingency basis, meaning you only pay legal fees after the case is settled in your favor. Our hours are flexible and we can even meet with you at home or in the hospital or wherever you’re recovering from your injuries. Please call us at (215) 545-8500 to schedule an appointment today.

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