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Car Accident Lawyer Philadelphia

Car Accident Lawyer Philadelphia1Every year across Pennsylvania, tens of thousands of vehicular crashes involve some form of driver error, including careless or illegal passing, tailgating, improper turning, distracted drivers and especially speeding, which accounts for three times as many accidents as drunk driving. If you or someone you care about has been seriously injured in a car (van or pickup truck) accident involving a driver guilty of these or other types of driver error, the Philadelphia car accident lawyers at Brotherly Law would like to hear from you.

We can provide a powerful buffer between you and insurance company adjusters, who may be pushing you to settle for a fraction of the damages you deserve. We also can help you investigate your claim to see if you have a strong enough case to bring a personal injury lawsuit against the drunk, drowsy, overly aggressive or otherwise negligent driver who caused your accident.

Philadelphia car accident statistics, types of crashes

Statewide, someone is injured in a car accident every six minutes. Fatal car crashes and road traffic accidents are far more common than we might think. For the City of Philadelphia, in 2013 alone, 89 people died in fatal accidents, involving 130 total vehicles, down from 107 fatalities in 2012. In 2013, 18 of the fatal car crashes involved “drunken persons,” compared to 34 in 2012.

The accidents we read about and hear about on the news are usually dramatic, involving multiple-car pileups, extremely drunk drivers, obvious road rage or incidents like drivers speeding down the interstate in the wrong direction. Don’t be misled if the accident that caused your injuries wasn’t particularly dramatic. Three times as many accidents are caused by speeding than by drunk driving! The majority of accidents involve drivers who were simply exceeding the speed limit, more often in broad daylight than at night or in dangerous weather. Many cases of driver negligence are subtle, but show up when smart, thorough investigators like those on Brotherly Law’s legal team begin examining details of the accident.

Common Injuries Caused By Car Accidents

You can injure almost any part of your body in a car crash, and, as you probably know, while some symptoms are immediate, others (like whiplash) can emerge in the following days and weeks. Even for experienced medical personnel, it’s often hard to judge the true extent of a car crash victim’s injuries immediately after the accident. Examples can include neck, back and spinal cord injuries.

Car Accident Lawyer Philadelphia2These range from relatively mild injuries like whiplash and moderate neck strain, to disc injury. Spinal cord damage can cause loss of function, feeling and even paralysis and can be caused by bruises to ligaments, tears in the spinal cord tissue, or displaced bone fragments. Strains, sprains, herniated discs and fractured vertebrae are examples of frequent back injuries. If you’re suffering from any of these symptoms (to any degree), it’s important to consult one or more physicians (specialists if necessary) to get a thorough, accurate diagnosis.

Even when visible cuts, bruises, breaks and sprains are minimal, the impact of car accidents frequently result in brain and head injuries, which can cause long-term pain and restrict mobility. Other common car accident injuries include cracked ribs, punctured lungs and damage to other internal organs, including kidneys, bowels, the liver and even the heart.

Coping With Psychological Trauma After Your Accident?

The symptoms that result from a car crash don’t begin and end with physical injuries. Psychological issues are common and they’re real. Traffic accidents can result in ongoing depression, emotional distress, and even Post-traumatic stress disorder in some cases. Through the years, the team at Brotherly Law has represented hundreds of clients in personal injury claims involving car crashes. We understand the physical, psychological and often-financial pain you’re coping with. We take many of these claims on a contingency basis, meaning we receive payment only when your case is settled.

When you reach out to Brotherly Law, one of our Philadelphia-based car accident lawyers—Austin R. Freundlich, Esq. and Gregory C. Littman, Esq.–will return your call or email promptly and speak with you directly, taking time to listen to the details of your case and then offer clear, direct advice you’ll be able to use. Call us today for a free consultation at (215) 545-8500 or contact us online anytime.

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