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Taxi Accident Lawyer Philadelphia

Taxi Accident Lawyer Philadelphia1There are over 1,600 taxis running in the City of Brotherly Love, resulting in countless accidents a year. If you or someone you care about has been injured by a cab or while riding in one, the Philadelphia taxi accident lawyers at Brotherly Law are working to represent clients like you injured in accidents involving taxi, Uber, Lyft and other ride sharing service drivers across the metropolitan area.

Through the years, we’ve handled many personal injury cases involving taxi accidents, guiding victims and their families through the process of earning the compensation they deserve. If you or someone in your family has been injured, we can help you cope with both insurance companies and the Pennsylvania legal system, assisting in the completion of your insurance company paperwork and figuring out the fastest way to get your medical bills paid.

We’ll also thoroughly investigate to determine if you have a strong enough case to bring a personal injury lawsuit against the taxi driver or other negligent driver if they caused the accident you were involved in. We’re experienced trial attorneys, but take comfort in the fact that most personal injury cases are settled long before going to court.

Uber Accident Lawyer Philadelphia

You might be surprised to learn that Philadelphia already has more Uber drivers on our streets than traditional cabbies, with approximately 2,500 across the area.

If you’ve never used it, Uber is a ride-sharing service that lets you use the company’s iPhone and Android apps to request rides from nearby drivers. Fans believe the service avoids the frustration of finding a cab, but, if you’re injured in an accident involving a Uber vehicle, the process of seeking compensation can be more confusing than filing a claim after an accident involving a licensed taxi.

In many ways, Uber and its competitor Lyft are the wild west of transportation options, with fewer rules, guidelines or laws that apply (at least at this point in time). However, things are changing fairly quickly. In fact, if you’re injured as a passenger in a Uber vehicle, you’re entitled to compensation under both the driver’s insurance and through the Uber parent company’s “$1 million per ride policy.”

Also, you don’t have to be a passenger in a Uber vehicle to file a personal injury claim. If you were a pedestrian or the driver/injured passenger in another car involved in an accident with a Uber vehicle, you should still be covered by both the driver’s and Uber’s insurance.

Lyft Accident Lawyer Philadelphia

Lyft – another ride-sharing service referenced above – is gaining ground on Uber. Even if you haven’t used the service or seen one of their vehicles on the streets yet, you’re probably seen their bright pink ads around town. The service was launched in Philadelphia early in 2015, despite being banned by the Parking Authority. Very similar in structure to Uber, Lyft hooks up riders with drivers through a phone app.

Because of the popularity of these ride-sharing services, the number of accidents associated with them is growing.

Taxi Accident Lawyer Philadelphia2However, the important thing to consider is that if you sustained serious physical or psychological injuries while a passenger in a Lyft or Uber vehicle, or a standard taxi, you may have the basis for a personal injury case. As with other types of vehicular accidents, head or brain, neck and spinal cord injuries frequently result from the impact of these accidents, as do cracked ribs, punctured lungs and damage to other organs.

You can injure almost any part of your body in a car crash, but, as you probably know, while some symptoms are immediate, others (like whiplash and many types of cognitive brain damage) can emerge in the following days and weeks. And its often difficult even for experienced medical personnel to understand the full extent of your injuries immediately after an accident.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Uber, Lyft or cab accident, Brotherly Law’s taxi accident lawyers in Philadelphia understand the challenges you face as you seek compensation for your injuries, recovery, time lost from work, pain and suffering. We’ll explain the details of your taxi accident case in detail, guide you through the process and then offer advice you can use and understand. Your initial consultation is free. So send us a message using the form on this website or call our legal team at (215) 545-8500.

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