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Personal Injury Lawyer Philadelphia

Personal Injury Lawyer Philadelphia1If you, a family member or close friend has been injured due to someone else’s negligence or failure to exercise reasonable care, it’s difficult to know what to do next. You probably received medical treatment, but what are your options if you’re seriously injured, can’t work, have pain, stiffness or even a possible long-term disability? An experienced personal injury lawyer at Philadelphia-based Brotherly Law can help you get a handle on your situation and figure out an option that’s right for you.

However, it’s important that you seek legal assistance as soon after your injury as possible. We’ll explain the importance of acting quickly in greater detail below.

Legal Help for Physical Injuries, Pain, Distress, Loss of Income & More

When you reach out to one of our attorneys, we’ll spend time listening to the details of how you were injured, and, among the first things we’ll do is walk you through an explanation of what qualifies as a personal injury claim.

This is a broad term that includes a number of areas. Yes, personal injury plaintiffs (that’s you) can seek financial compensation for their physical injuries. However, frequently they can also seek damages for their pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of wages and even future earnings lost, property loss, as well as past, current and likely future medical expenses.

Types of Philadelphia Personal Injury Claims

Accidents that qualify as “personal injury” can happen in literally hundreds of ways, but the most common types involve either operating (driving) or riding in/on a car, train, motorcycle, airplane, train, bus or a boat.

Accidents caused by swimming pools (including drowning), defective airbags, power lines, lawn mowers and other tools used around the home, children’s toys or other products for kids can also qualify as the basis of a personal injury suit.

You might be surprised to know that if you’ve been a victim of a violent crime, not only can you sue your attacker on criminal charges, but for your personal injuries as well.

Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Claims

We can’t stress strongly enough the importance of seeking legal help earlier rather than later. One reason is that in many cases there are statutes of limitations connected with filing personal injury lawsuits, which means if you don’t file before the deadline, you lose your right to file that claim forever.

Second the longer you wait, the details of your accident will become less clear in your mind. And, in general, the more specific details you can provide to our attorneys, the better your case will be. Even small details can prove crucial.

Personal Injury Lawyer Philadelphia2Third, if your case involved an insurance company (your carrier or the provider of someone else involved in the accident), our lawyers will be able to analyze the policy – which can include car insurance, home insurance, medical insurance or insurance on another type of property or transportation – to give you the best advice about what your rights are.

Seeking legal help fast also is important because insurance companies frequently try to settle claims quickly, taking advantage of your physical distress and loss of income to offer you far less than you truly deserve for your injuries, pain and suffering.

Attorneys Representing Accident Victims on a Contingency Basis

If you’ve been injured and are still recovering, you know first-hand about the expenses associated with coming back from an injury. In addition to pain and suffering, there’s time lost from work, the incredibly high cost of a hospital stay, and the mounting expenses of ongoing medical care. Maybe your spouse even had to take time off to help care for you during your recovery.

All of these expenses mean that – even if you were financially secure before your accident – you may be struggling now. So how can you afford to file a personal injury lawsuit against the person or people responsible for your accident without going into debt or risking the rest of your financial security?

Fortunately, Brotherly Law lives up to our name. We take many personal injury cases on a “contingency basis,” which means that our attorneys only get paid if YOU receive a settlement from your personal injury case. We only win if you do.

Brotherly Law’s Philadelphia personal injury lawyers Austin R. Freundlich, Esq. and Gregory C. Littman, Esq. have years of experience handling cases like those described above. If you or someone you care about has experienced a personal injury, call them today for a free consultation at (215) 545-8500.

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