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Premises Liability Lawyer Philadelphia

Premises Liability Lawyer Philadelphia 2The term “premises liability” gets tossed around a lot in connection with personal injury cases. This concept comes into play when an injury was caused by defective or unsafe conditions on someone’s property. If you or someone in your life has been injured due to what you suspect was negligence on the part of a property owner, Brotherly Law’s premises liability lawyers in Philadelphia would like to hear from you or your loved one. Our attorneys can explain the many types of personal injuries which fall under the heading of premises liability, determine if your case meets the criteria and help you build a strong personal injury claim.

Premises liability cases – like almost all personal injury cases – are based on negligence. To win, we will need to prove that the property owner was negligent in his/her maintenance of their property, failing to use “reasonable care.” We’ll offer examples and details below to give you a better idea of whether your case fits the criteria.

Was negligence responsible for your injury?

Let’s face it. Sometimes when we injure ourselves its basically our own fault. We were distracted, running around the swimming pool, ignored that “wet floor” sign or otherwise made careless decisions. However, frequently when we end up in a cast or on crutches, the blame can be placed elsewhere. It’s due to someone else’s negligence.

In a home or business, indoors or out in the elements, the following examples of property owner negligence can contribute to injuries and subsequent premises liability: uneven stairs with weak or broken railings; torn or tattered carpets; uneven or damaged floorboards; many types of objects – from children’s toys to trash – left behind in your path; freshly polished or mopped floors that aren’t marked as wet or slick; black ice caused by leaking pipes; haphazardly shoveled parking lots, sidewalks or other public spaces surrounding a business.

Premises Liability Lawyer Philadelphia 1Bad weather plays a significant role in many premises liability cases because homeowners and other property owners are responsible for maintaining their property when torrential rains, snow, sleet, ice and other conditions make it dangerous.

Premises liability cases also can result from fire, amusement park accidents, escalator/elevator accidents, dog bites (a category by itself), exposure to toxic fumes/substances on work sites, and accidents in hospitals, nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

Older Americans are especially vulnerable to accidents/injuries related to falling, with one of every ten slip and fall accidents occurring in hospitals, nursing homes or other facilities providing services to seniors.

You or a loved one also may have a premises liability case if you’re injured or assaulted because a property owner failed to provide adequate security.

Proving negligence in Philadelphia premises liability claims

While a range of circumstances can lead to accidents that qualify as premises liability claims, a property owner isn’t automatically responsible when you get injured on their property. You and your legal counsel must show that the owner knew – or should have known – his/her premises weren’t safe and that they failed in their responsibility to fix the situation, cordon off the dangerous space or make it clear to visitors that this section of their premises was dangerous.

Through the years, the team at Brotherly Law has represented hundreds of slip and falls and many other types of premises liability personal injury claims. We know how to ask all the right questions and investigate these claims thoroughly to show the circumstances that led to your accident, whether the owner failed to provide maintenance or make reasonable repairs to their property, and whether it was “foreseeable” that someone was likely to be injured on the property.

Premises liability-based personal injury claims can be challenging and you’ll need solid legal counsel to help you determine whether your recent injuries meet the criteria for a claim. So send us a message using the form on this website or call our legal team at (215) 545-8500. We can help you make sense of your situation. Either Gregory C. Littman, Esq. or Austin R. Freundlich, Esq., Brotherly Law’s Philadelphia premises law lawyers, will respond to your call or email promptly to set up a free consultation to discuss your case in greater detail. This initial consultation is free.

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