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Broken Bone Lawyer Philadelphia

Broken Bone Lawyer Philadelphia 1Millions of people break bones every year, and, in most instances, the injuries are minor and heal in a manner of a few weeks. However, if you or a loved one has survived a car crash but ended up in traction or an enormous cast, broken multiple bones on a construction site, in a poorly maintained office environment, on the icy steps of a government building or had a weekend trip to the mall turn into a week-long hospitalization thanks to slick, wet or waxy food court, you know the devastation a broken bone injury can cause. And these are the just a few of the serious – sometimes life-threatening – injuries our Philadelphia broken bone lawyers see every day.

Our legal team has spent years investigating incidents like these on behalf of our clients, negotiating aggressively with insurance companies and even taking broken bone-based personal injury cases to court, if necessary. If you or a loved one is coping with extensive injuries, mounting medical bills, intense pain or depression, time lost from work on even the inability to work, call or email Brotherly Law today. We’ll schedule a free consultation around your schedule and visit you at your home, your office and even the hospital, if necessary.

Types of Broken Bone Injury Claims

How do bones break? They can break through stress over a long period of time or due to illnesses/conditions like osteoporosis, but most breaks that lead to legal claims involve a sudden impact or direct hit from a car crash, workplace injury, slip & fall or other incident that puts more stress on your bones than they can handle at one time.

In our dangerous world, there are countless causes of broken bone injuries. This diversity means that, legally, these injuries can fall into a number of categories. For example, if your injury was the result of someone else’s careless actions, (including a car, truck or boating collision), your injury might qualify as a “personal injury” claim. If you hurt yourself at work, then workers compensation claim benefits may come into play. If your injuries are severe and disabling, you may qualify for Social Security’s disability benefits. Brotherly Law’s legal team has experience and skill in all of these categories and can help you build your case and earn the compensation you deserve.

Broken Bone Lawyer Philadelphia 2We hear about the danger of broken bones in the “elderly,” but recent studies have found that even among people over 50, falling and breaking hip can lead to long-term disability, declining health and even death. A 2014 story from the usually upbeat National Public Radio (NPR) reported that, “Almost 1 out of 10 people over the age of 50 will die within a month of surgery for a broken hip. That rises to 1 in 5 if the patient already has an acute medical problem,” like diabetes, COPD or heart disease. Another scary statistic, nine-out-of-ten hip fractures are caused by falls, many of which could have been prevented if property owners observed more safety precautions.

Nursing home abuse and negligence makes us angry. Our attorneys have seen too many cases of broken hips among older Americans that were caused by the negligence of nursing homes and hospitals and even through the physical abuse of nursing home staff. Common causes of falls among nursing home residents include falling out of bed, slipping on a recently mopped floor, stumbling on a loose mat/rough carpet or a poorly lit stairs or inclines, and many others.

Philadelphia Attorneys Help with Personal Injury & SSI Claims

If your disability is severe and your physician believes it could be long-term or permanent, we can help you chart your next moves. If you believe another party is responsible for your injuries, Brotherly Law’s legal team will work with you to determine if you have a strong case. And, if the injuries resulting from your broken bones are severe, we’ll also discuss the option of applying for Social Security Disability Benefits. The process is complicated and the assistance of experienced attorneys can be invaluable in accurately completing the necessary forms and paperwork. We not only help you fill out the necessary forms, but also collect documentation – including physical therapy evaluations, surgical reports, physicals, ER records and more – necessary to back up your disability claim.

Whether your broken-bone injury qualifies as a personal injury, premises law claim, workers compensation claim or means that you meet the requirements for long-term SSI disability coverage, Brotherly Law’s Philadelphia broken bone lawyers can help. Call us today at (215) 545-8500 or contact us online right now to find out how we can help you.

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